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or78 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 18. A magician gives to the wind messages that are to be delivered.

The question is, can the wind be trusted? We only experience the wind in passing, and even when we go with it, for awhile, say on an ocean voyage, it always races ahead – we never know its ultimate destination, being unable to keep up with it.

The magician was convinced that the wind could not be trained, but, being able to read its desires, he could sense the places to which they pulled it, and adjusted his messages accordingly.

Azoth Oracle

Forgotten words of wisdom suddenly at the right time recalled.

“How is it,” asked a student of Irnad, “that you are so often quoting verbatim long passages of so many different texts? How can you have memorized so much?”

“We memorize everything we ever see,” replied Irnad. “My memory is no better than anothers’. I will say, though, that for years I spent great effort on conscious forgetting, that is, clearing the turbulence of unnecessary memories out of my psyche, so that all my memories might rest until I needed them. When I finally cleared enough space in my mind a friend of mine who happens to be an angel installed in me a most efficient search engine. When memories are allowed to settle and sleep it clears the mind. Then they may be awakened when their services are required.”


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