• Master Astrologer, Poet, Author, Artist, and Teacher


Astrology is the art and science of interpreting astronomical phenomena to reveal how it reflects the process of evolution.  There are, certainly, other valid definitions of it, but this is the definition I use as a guideline in all my work.  The cycles of the planets, asteroids and other astronomical events such as comets present to us a vast mirror that reflects our interior life in a way that is sublimely beautiful in its complexity and perfection.  Ultimately,  astrological knowledge is so vast in its scope as to be beyond the intellect’s comprehension — but not beyond the comprehension of the intuition, which has the capacity to tune in to the infinite.

I am well versed in the intellectual refinements of astrological interpretation, but what I am essentially is a mystic and poet,  so that even though I have been thoroughly trained to think scientifically my approach to astrological readings is through my vision and imagination, and through my heart, with the mind playing the role of faithful servant who helps to objectify and clarify what I see in the chart.

My goal is to touch the imagination and the heart of those I read for so that they may continue their process of becoming who they really are, and who they have always been —  a manifestation of the one and eternal consciousness.

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