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or77 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 17. Deep in a cave, a large albino snake.

The cave was a refuge from the Sun, a place where one could listen to the voices of stars even when daylight filled the above, a temple consecrated to night.

A sanctum where no flames burned, but where the white snake listened, always, to the moonlight, the thought of moonlight burning in its dark dream. It was only fitting that the keeper of shadows should be white.

Azoth Oracle

A holy man with closed eyes is hovering in the air and gently smiling.

Razath Tinash’s specialty was teaching the art of levitation. “Gravitation is a thought of the earth,” he said, “its most basic thought. And as we are of the earth we are thinking its thoughts – we are thinking gravity. To levitate, all you have to do is stop thinking gravity.” “Easier said than done,” remarked a student.” “Well, actually,” said Tinash, “you have already stopped thinking of gravity, you just don’t know it, for the silence in which mind dwells underlies all thought.

“What you need to do is escape your thinking by entering the silence, and you will levitate. Actually you needn’t even stop thinking – let your thinking think, let your mind go on as it will, as you allow your true self to fall into the divine silence. That’s it: gravity is a kind of falling.”


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