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The young girl Linira becomes lost in a maze where she meets Magrena, who tells her of her journey with the alluringly handsome and obsessed alchemist Israak to the Isle of Azoth. (He’s gorgeous at 92, but that’s how it is when you’re immortal.) There in the desolate wastes of ice they create a whole world, and that world’s crowning glory – the homunculus Azorma, who, they eventually learn, has been born infected with Israak’s deepest and darkest desires. A hallucinatory journey of alchemy, ritual, Kabalah, mysteries and secrets, with special thanks to Alexander Scriabin, William Blake, John Milton, Richard Wagner, Gertrude Stein, Aitchpy Lovecraft, and Urimu, the blue princess of u*imbEljE. Come with us and lose yourself in the maze for awhile.


Azoth Book 2

After the death of the homunculus Azorma her remains are placed in the Museum of Peth, where, eventually, they mysteriously disappear. In the meantime a crystal egg comes into the possession of the alchemist Nilos Kavala who, by magical means incubates it with the help of his long time friend Remara Laidronette. From the egg is born Zahira, a child who is able to talk at birth, who grows up with amazing speed, who loves to paint, and who wonders about her own past. She’s haunted by a dark presence who step by step lures her toward a future so profound that it’s bound to change the whole world of Aab, the land in which the novel is set.

“Zahira” is a poetic work of unbounded imagination and bizarre delights, which tells of the rainbow’s journey toward the glorious Isle of Azoth and reveals the secrets of Lybdis, the dangerous land lying beneath it where dwells an infinite library of bright shadows.

A Painter

Azoth Book 3

“A Painter” is a poetic novel based on the life of Reynar Isaldo, one of the most famous artists of Aab, Isaldo was a student of the homunculus Azorma Fandoz and traveled to Azoth to study with her just before her death. “A Painter” gives an account of Isaldo’s early life, his training in magic and alchemy, and of the many strange and wondrous paintings he created during his lifetime. It is based on interviews with the artist and information gathered from spirits who knew him, some of whom helped him in the creation of his work.

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