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Azoth Symbols

Here are the Azoth Symbols.
They energetically correspond to the Midheaven (highest attainment) qualities of the degrees.


1: Colored sheet lightning flickering in the depths of an opal.
2: Falling to earth a shadow opens up a dark passageway.
3: An enlightened being in a cave is gazing out into the world.
4: Letters formed of writhing glowing snakes.
5: Sowers of grain are singing.
6: Mathematical formulae on a blackboard are wiggling and dancing.
7: Carefully sculpted trees and beyond them a tangled forest.
8: Palms bending and twisting in a hurricane.
9: A man slowly grinding the picture off a stone.
10: A white column which, over time, has partially sunk into the rich soil of a meadow.
11: From a slowly moving swan rippled circles spread out over a pond.
12: A man falling asleep feels his fears melting away.
13: Nature devas fecundating a landscape.
14: Wise people discussing the best way to instrument changes in their society.
15: The search for dark matter.
16: Warmth and love spreading both ways from a handshake.
17: An ancient culture is transporting gigantic stones.
18: Space aliens inviting some humans to come and see their world.
19: The portrait of a man grows younger and younger.
20: By intuition a healer chooses the proper remedy.
21: A pirate hands a woman a large gold coin.
22: A teacher gives her students a vision of the structure of the universe.
23: A man decides to spend the rest of his life in sight of a range of sacred mountains.
24: Laying in summer grass a man falls asleep and dreams of love.
25: In a garden in paradise a tree laden with secrets.
26: After birth, a group of baby rabbits huddle together sleeping.
27: People coming and going freely between parallel universes.
28: In moonlight the marigolds’ color softens and cools.
29: Behind a wall a river is flowing.
30: A sage concocts a powerful elixir which heals people suffering from a plague.

1: Melodies from a stringed instrument recall the beauty of ancient times.
2: A seer on a ship who has the ability to accurately guide it.
3: People seeking the Garden of Love.
4: A bard sings a haunting lay.
5: A hidden compartment in a box.
6: Under a blazing sun lions resting in shade.
7: Research leads a man from one book to another.
8: Inspired by a landscape a poet composes an ode.
9: Far from land, fish are playing.
10: Deep in the jungle a panoply of colorful birds and flowers.
11: Suddenly a vista from the past opens up.
12: Idlers going wherever the river takes them.
13: Bright sunlight on white daisies.
14: A sage looking up toward the summit of a mountain.
15: A coven of elders sharing a meal during the full moon.
16: a love that has steadily endured for many lifetimes.
17: A man striving to overcome limiting beliefs.
18: A host of beings swarming erratically while others above them move together in graceful harmony.
19: A plot unfolds as an author writes.
20: Thousands of miles apart two people are looking at the moon at the same time.
21: Strong winds knowing exactly where the sailors need to go.
22: A gem cutter’s tools carefully sharpened and polished.
23: A man and woman reading the inscription at the base of an obelisk.
24: On the summer solstice at sunrise a seer observes an important omen.
25: People hearing the songs of a chorus of invisible women.
26: A home built for the emperor’s afterlife.
27: From despair and sorrow a mind soars into the realm of higher potential.
28: A ritual gathering to celebrate the completion of a gigantic labyrinth.
29: A road comes to an end, but a woman and her dog find their way beyond it.
30: A yellow diamond in a setting which depicts both the Sun and Moon.

1: A large diamond found in an area where diamonds are never found.
2: In an alpine valley thousands of wildflowers blooming.
3: A visionary lies in a dark room as she waits for signs and messages.
4: a man who can see through the eyes of a high-flying bird.
5: A vast prairie which seems like a still sea of grass.
6: A book of formulas.
7: A game of chance offering a fabulous prize.
8: A full moon brightens the arctic night.
9: A man travels through a dreary land under a louring sky.
10: A group of friends perform folk songs.
11: A woman plunges into a river and absorbs its renewing spirit.
12: People in a space ship on the verge of beginning a journey to another world.
13: a collection of coins and medals from a people who mysteriously disappeared.
14: Journeyers trekking through mountain snow.
15: Drummers creating complex overlays of rhythms.
16: A doctor giving an elixir infused with diamonds to a blind man.
17: A holy man with closed eyes is hovering in the air and gently smiling.
18: Forgotten words of wisdom suddenly at the right time recalled.
19: At the tip of Africa a ship is deciding whether to go north or south.
20: The closer one looks into a fish bowl the more it appears to be a veritable sea teeming with life.
21: A dog gone for many months returns.
22: In a darkened room people wait silently and expectantly for a medium to speak.
23: After having read a poem many times a man finally sees a deeper meaning in it.
24: An ancient enlightened one transformed into a young man comes down from the mountain.
25: The stars of a galaxy feeling the exhilaration of their combined movement.
26: Woman helping a maiden to don her wedding dress.
27: A delicate species forced to seek a safer environment.
28: In a dim room incense creates a soothing atmosphere.
29: Novelists discussing each others’ works.
30: Angels helping humans to perceive and understand more clearly.

1: Words seen for an instant on a leaf that suddenly blows away.
2: Before crossing the desert a man is buying camels.
3: High in the clouds the mirage of a crystalline lake.
4: A child being schooled in the nature of the ego and how it creates suffering.
5: Characters from various books are laughing and joking with each other.
6: A monk swinging a prayer wheel.
7: Mythical stories being communicated through dances.
8: A seer has a vision of the Light’s ever-present and all-seeing eye.
9: The sound of singing voices echoes through a dark, cavernous cathedral.
10: A tree of ripe fruit discovered by hungry birds.
11: A man in deep trance attuning to the center of our galaxy.
12: In the dark depths of the ocean a glowing fish encountered.
13: An explorer sailing toward a wall of high, white cliffs.
14: A scroll on the wall. On it in calligraphy is a sacred text.
15: A man seeing through veil after veil of illusion.
16: In white jugs dew from the sacred mountain.
17: A collection of vessels in a laboratory.
18: A man playing traditional airs on an old lute.
19: A stuffed bird that is now extinct.
20: A poet mesmerizing listeners with his wondrous poems.
21: A star sending a woman its healing radiance.
22: A dead poet’s poems finally published.
23: A couple in a temple sense the presence of the spirits of enlightened beings.
24: A man surprised by the reception of a precious gift.
25: In dreams a man visits fabled sites.
26: At night angels implanting dreams of love and hope into the sleeping inhabitants of a city.
27: The sky clouds over, causing shadows in a forest to disappear.
28: Men using their psychic powers to hurl spears great distances.
29: A mechanical doll singing and dancing.
30: As a teacher teaches a school gradually appears around him.

1: A signet ring pressed into hot wax.
2: An argument over a detail of metaphysics.
3: A man teaching the practical application of spiritual principles.
4: Ritual and prayer before the construction of a great temple.
5: Seekers arrive at a holy city.
6: A glowing meteor speeding through the atmosphere.
7: A pattern used to generate energy.
8: Bright flashes of electricity flashing through the atmosphere.
9: An elaborate assemblage of symbols turns into a world.
10: Dreams vaguely beginning to appear on a screen.
11: A milk maid feeding her cows.
12: Golden teeth gleaming as a man laughs.
13: An enlightened one experiencing the eternal absolute underlying the ever-changing phenomena of physical existence.
14: Mist condensing on wildflowers.
15: An engineer’s tools neatly arranged.
16: A messenger delivers an unexpected gift.
17: As people tend to look beyond shadows, lights begin to come out of their eyes.
18: A cave in which people have lived for thousands of years.
19: All her life a woman sees mountains in the distance to which she has never gone.
20: A gentle wise man attempting to resolve a conflict.
21: Runners flexing and warming up their legs.
22: A ring of violet fire protecting a man as it offers him inspiration.
23: A plate covered with beautiful depictions of flowers.
24: A nurse carefully notes the exact birth time of a baby.
25: While people sleep a blizzard blankets the forest.
26: A man marks off a territory for himself.
27: An author’s original intent is restored.
28: Young horses joyfully galloping across the land.
29: An inventor of fireworks.
30: Fairies as tiny as mayflies dance in the sun’s rays.

1: Hidden deep in the forest a grand white house with porches and columns on its facade.
2: Children tasting many different kinds of fruit which they are picking off trees.
3: Boat makers selecting the best trees.
4: A message waiting to be received.
5: A world erected by the minds of dreamers working together.
6: A window is opened which allows a bird to escape to freedom.
7: A woman being taught magic by two witches.
8: Sacred trees create a protective aura around a temple.
9: A man in a foreign country in disguise. He is entering a site forbidden to outsiders.
10: A geode broken open and full of bright crystals.
11: Birds thought to be extinct are seen flocking in trees high in the mountains.
12: A lightning bolt strikes an open palm bringing new life to a man.
13: Many bridges connecting the two halves of a city.
14: Someone writes a book of imaginary future history.
15: In a forest quartz crystals hanging from trees.
16: The sun leeching oil from rose petals into water.
17: In the far north, sailors come to an uninhabited island that is strangely warm.
18: Heavy dark tools dirty with grease.
19: In an old house many rooms that have been shut up for years.
20: A man crawling out through a hole in the top of his head.
21: Words written for specific people of future generations.
22: Bowls of nuts, fruits and grain offered to the Goddess.
23: An alchemist in a cave digging out a shining black vein of hematite.
24: A feeling of deep connection amongst a small group of friends.
25: In the night someone is softly singing in their sleep.
26: People carrying bundles of kindling from a forest.
27: Transparent fish swimming in a sea of vivid blue.
28: A city that can hide in and be called forth from a magical gem.
29: An explanation of a hidden reality.
30: A woman senses the interconnected and simultaneous growth of everything.

1: Tall, thin men traveling on unicycles.
2: Crows gathering in late autumn twilight.
3: On an altar a bowl full of darkness and a bowl full of light.
4: A convoy of humans landing on a new planet.
5: A man tuning in to the music of the spheres.
6: At land’s end a high rock and on it a tower.
7: A pictographic inscription in a tomb.
8: An archangel coordinating the efforts of his angelic band.
9: A carved marble ear has washed up on the beach.
10: A tree suggests to a man that he use one of its branches for a walking stick.
11: Men meditating as they walk repeatedly around the walls of a sacred city.
12: The Moon Goddess, leaving no footprints, walks across the moon.
13: On a winter day a maid has arisen to prepare a house for others’ awakening.
14: By sound an energy therapist mends a broken leg.
15: A theoretical mathematician inventing formulae simply for the sake of their beauty.
16: Wind Gods directing a cloud dance.
17: A woman guiding someone else through the realms of dream.
18: In the ruins of an ancient city an undiscovered passageway into an immense network of caves.
19: A glowing wreath of golden laurel leaves.
20: A jester, clowns, and musicians entertaining revelers.
21: Beings who survive by changing their form.
22: The discovery of old letters which contain a solution to a long-unsolved mystery.
23: Rites held under a sacred tree.
24: A table of the movements of invisible planets.
25: One who has lost his sense of direction consults an oracle.
26: At the end of the day bakers giving their bread to the poor.
27: Hidden in books are memory chips which contain other books.
28: In a harbor the colossal statue of a goddess.
29: A column of water spirals up out of the ocean and rains on the surrounding waters.
30: A spaceship preparing to make a jump through a wormhole.

1: In darkness an old woman climbing a circular stairway that she has climbed countless times before.
2: A spiritual leader carrying out a solemn public ritual which raises the vibrations of the populace.
3: Alchemists sharing, integrating and refining their formulae.
4: Sailors approach a lush island that has been calling to them but which is not on their maps.
5: Many precious objects being heaped on an altar.
6: An archaeologist carefully wiring together the bones of a dragon which he has unearthed.
7: Deep in a mound an immense white termite queen is giving birth continuously.
8: A man lays in bed calmly listening to a poltergeist.
9: Several thick volumes of dream journals which are filled with writings and drawings.
10: Heavy winning and losing at a gaming table.
11: The spirits of cats roaming in the night.
12: Rising through earth, water, and air a traveler is exploring.
13: The voice of one deceased is heard in the stillness.
14: An astrologer looking for a major conjunction of planets.
15: A man seeking the truth behind a complex and confusing situation.
16: In wind and rain a funerary tumulus is seen on the steppes.
17: The king’s retinue on a secret journey.
18: Bees pollinating a sunflower.
19: Unexpected visitors arrive, needing food and shelter.
20: The diamond shield of a mythical king of old.
21: Small animals searching the forest for food.
22: A man hears an excited message with clarity and patience.
23: Trees ripped from the ground by a violent storm.
24: Healers returning to a place where they may recharge their energy.
25: An unknown language is being decoded.
26: An old ruler decides to turn his kingdom over to his daughter.
27: A piercing noise startles someone out of a reverie.
28: A man learning how a vast library is organized.
29: Messages hidden in all the measurements of an ancient city.
30: An alchemist carefully weighing the ingredients of a formula then casually throwing in other ones.

1: A hidden pathway which magically and effortlessly carries one to the top of a mountain.
2: A camp where people have been hiding in a forest for centuries.
3: A blue beetle appears as a sign to a man.
4: A city constructed to reflect and emanate universal harmony.
5: A man of simple words inspiring others.
6: Dance music heard from afar invites people to festivities.
7: Books organized by one method and then reorganized by another.
8: Frustrated in their search for higher consciousness people pursue novelty everywhere in the world.
9: Grasslands teeming with insects and their sounds.
10: God worshiped in the form of a smooth, featureless stone.
11: Wrestlers inventing new ways to entertain spectators.
12: Water trickling off a series of high cliffs.
13: Looking up, a woman seeks a butterfly alighting on the outside of a glass dome.
14: Angels taking on new forms.
15: An eye hanging in darkness is seeing deeply into reality.
16: Thoughts being exchanged by many people over great distances.
17: In a fireplace a fire flares up for a moment and a baby phoenix hops out of it.
18: A love letter stuck in a holy book.
19: A man suddenly notices that a woman he’s known for a long time is beautiful.
20: A man attempting to make robots that are ever more complicated.
21: A holy man explaining the various meanings of the many names of God.
22: Pointing to the sky, a shaman wills it to clear.
23: A stream of butterflies moving north.
24: A flock of birds rising out of a swamp.
25: Folk musicians and professional classical musicians playing together.
26: A man is charting subtle irregularities in celestial movements.
27: People proceeding methodically through a treasure house as they take inventory.
28: Freed from gravity, men dancing in space.
29: A man seeing the underlying patterns and their spiritual meanings inherent in his past lives.
30: People sleeping as they travel near the speed of light.

1: The heart of a house is located, cleared of discordant energy, and strengthened.
2: An idea, like a tree, branches out in many different directions.
3: The answer to a question is murmured many hundreds of years after the question.
4: In the night a prehistoric caveman hears the ticking of a clock.
5: People walking in a cool arcade of stone arches.
6: Women of court walking softly so as not to disturb the lotus blossoms.
7: In a river people washing away the imprints of memories.
8: A taste awakens memories of summer fields and groves.
9: A man alone for many months is absorbed in writing a novel.
10: The print of a rabbit’s foot left in the soft mud of a garden.
11: A man using colored lights to read a palimpsest.
12: A man sensitized to the energies that each particular star emanates.
13: A man dreams of the Lords of Karma.
14: The star Sirius rises in the east.
15: Candlelight glowing on a gold-leafed screen in a dim room.
16: A witch giving someone an apple from her orchard which is imbued with health-enhancing properties.
17: A group of notebooks of creative ideas that belonged to a famous author.
18: A speaker intuiting what her audience needs to hear.
19: Small animals cautiously investigating each other.
20: A small enclave of a secret society that has existed for centuries.
21: Thousands of messages sent by light beams.
22: The fairy court in its formal palace and dressed in all its finery.
23: All sorts of flora and fauna spawning in spring.
24: A man giving beggars money and other gifts.
25: In the middle of a bustling city a man walks alone among tombstones and mausoleums.
26: A man is wandering through a map of the universe.
27: Knights journeying through a forest in search of a dragon.
28: The return of a man who has been exploring hidden realms.
29: Clouds pausing over a mountain because they are drawn to its energy field.
30: When consumed, waters from a spring which comes from a deep cave are causing drinkers to maintain eternal youth.

1: Little scavengers seeking morsels.
2: Waking in the night a man realizes a solution to a problem.
3: Journeyers reaching a vista overlooking a forested valley.
4: The crying of gulls over the ocean.
5: Archives which no one has looked into for many years.
6: Beings of high evolution doing what they can to help humanity.
7: As they descend, mountain streams are finding each other.
8: Old problems brought up and re-assessed.
9: A rainbow is feeding its colors to a garden.
10: A man creating an intricate stained glass window.
11: At sunset a shepherd watches his peaceful flock.
12: A man learning several different ways of meditating.
13: In the spiritual realm a temple where many souls come to commune with each other.
14: A woman finds a lock of hair she kept, but can’t remember whose it is.
15: A man cataloging asteroids and giving names to the nameless ones.
16: Two arms of a bay spanned by a golden causeway.
17: At noon a woman looks directly overhead at the sun which seems to blaze white.
18: A man on a shore witnessing ocean fog as it drifts toward him.
19: An astrologer helping an alchemist to harmoniously time his operations.
20: On a small, remote island a man recording his visions.
21: Clay forming itself into fantastic shapes.
22: Through a wormhole a man views the movements of a vast beautiful nebula.
23: A sacred text used to bless and heal.
24: A man overcome with a sense of great peace and clarity.
25: At a spinning wheel dreams and visions are being spun into realities.
26: By secret signs members are led to a place of meeting.
27: Blank paper waiting to receive ideas.
28: Wanderers find a place they decide to make their home.
29: A man considering all the various lifetimes he might live.
30: Spiritual laws placed everywhere as reminders.

1: Gifts falling from heaven, some being caught in grateful hands, others disappearing just before they hit the ground.
2: At a dinner people enjoying what their garden has produced.
3: A man with wings like a dragonfly.
4: Wonderful paintings discovered in a junk store.
5: A bridge that has been difficult to build is in the final stages of completion.
6: A wizard touches a crystal ball to his forehead, attuning it to his third eye.
7: A space alien implants a microchip in a sleeping man’s leg.
8: Materials and workers assembled, a pause before beginning the great task.
9: A man covered with all sorts of ornaments.
10: As a man sleeps an eye in his forehead opens.
11: The Moon pulling on the liquids in the bodies of sleepers.
12: A horn used to convey messages over long distances.
13: Drinking an elixir of dandelions a man feels deep tensions within him relaxing and dissolving.
14: Deep in a cave a young boy discovers a fire elemental.
15: A bright polished sword is maintained untouched and unused.
16: Someone finding new and meaningful arrangements of numbers.
17: Someone helping a distraught woman to open to angelic love.
18: A drawbridge interrupting traffic.
19: Little whirlpools of dust in the twilight.
20: Clouds taking on strange patterns that seem to mean something.
21: Someone thinks he sees in the distance the ghost of an old man walking across a moor.
22: Sailors about to be lured off course by the sound of seductive singing.
23: In the heat of the summer, spiritual lessons quietly offered in the shade.
24: A man visits his own history in the Akashic Records.
25: A beautiful city suffused with an emerald glow.
26: On a lawn boys chasing a ball that seems to have a life of its own.
27: A man, having fainted, returns with the memory of a dream.
28: Dawn’s first gleams on a golden dome.
29: A line in a drawing is reminding a woman of many things.
30: An object of great beauty unearthed.

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