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The Circular Temple

The two-volume text of The Circular Temple consists of 1,440 pictorial symbols channeled by John Sandbach over a period of more than twenty years. These symbols are expressed in words rather than visual images, and divided into 4 groups, each one containing 360 symbols. In all 4 groups each of the 360 symbols corresponds to one of the 360 degrees of the zodiac.

“I think of the use of degree symbols in reading a chart as astrological poetry.”

The first symbol (Omega) signifies the root or foundation of your answer. The second symbol (Chandra) signifies the outer appearance and most direct expression of your answer. The third symbol (Pleiadian) shows how your answer interacts and relates to the world around it. The fourth symbol (Azoth) signifies its highest spiritual significance.

The seed and fulfillment degrees which come after these four symbols show how the symbol relates to other symbols. Read these to get even more information pertaining to your answer.

The Angel whose name is given under the Omega Symbol is the Divine Being who rules the degree. In the mystical tradition of Kabbalah there are 72 of these angels. Their names are derived from the Bible. If you meditate on this name it will help you get in touch with the energy of the degree.

At times you may find that you need to meditate on the symbol for a while so that its picture may be seen clearly by your subconscious mind.  Holding a visual image of the symbol in your imagination allows the symbol to speak to you directly, and can give birth to insights which help you see what you are learning from the particular life even you are asking about.

Degree Astrology: An Introduction

The wheel of the zodiac breaks down into twelve signs; within each of those signs, there are thirty degrees. Degree astrology ascribes a verbal picture to each one of those degrees as a means of characterising the hidden essence of the forces that affect us. When we move in harmony with these evolutionary forces, we are more likely to achieve success.

The verbal pictures are received and interpreted by an individual astrologer; therefore, every set of degree symbols is highly subjective. Some sets feel weak or murky to me, or not quite on the mark. Others are clear, vivid depictions of the energy that each degree carries.

When I began practicing astrology in the 1960s, there were two available sets of degree symbols that had been channeled in the 19th century…

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