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Services Overview

Natal Analysis

This is an overview of your whole life. It helps you to understand what is most unique about you, what potential problems you might have, and provides suggestions for how you can best deal with them. I tailor this reading to your personal needs – if, for instance, you are having financial difficulties, I will focus on the area of prosperity and help you to discover new ways of being financially successful. Here is a partial list of what areas can be potentially covered in a natal reading:

🏥 Health

Dietary advice, and information on how your personal psychological makeup affects your physical well-being.

💰 Finance

Not all methods of enhancing prosperity work for everyone. I can help you to understand what ways will work for you so that you can achieve greater financial success.

❤ Romance

What to look for in a mate, together with problems you may encounter in interpersonal relationships and how to solve them.

💼 Career

The best way to go about making career changes, your relationship with employers and employees, how to advance in your career.

👭 Friendship

What kinds of people you tend to draw to you and will be most comfortable with. How to go about making new friends.

⛵ Travel

How to maximize your pleasure traveling; what you can gain from travels.

🎓 Education

The easiest and most effective ways for you to learn.

☀ Spirit

Your intuition and psychic abilities and how to develop them.

☉ And More

  • How others see you and how you can use this to your benefit; how to improve your self-concept.
  • How you can communicate more effectively. Through giving you insight into how your mind works, I can help you toward greater awareness in communication.
  • Your relationship to your family and how to overcome dysfunctional family patterns.
  • Your home, and buying and selling real estate
  • Your creativity, and how to develop it
  • Your relationship to spirituality and religion

🌪 Forecast Reading

In this session I describe the sorts of energies at work in your life over the next six months or year – you choose the time length. The six-month reading is more detailed, since all my astrological sessions are one hour. This reading helps you to understand what sorts of forces are at work in your life currently and in the near future.

☯ Compatibility Analysis

In this reading I compare your chart with another person to see in what areas of life you are most likely to be compatible, and in what areas you are likely to have problems or conflicts. This can greatly help you and another person to understand how to get along better, and how to make your relationship a success. I can also tell you of certain periods in the future during which it will be easier to communicate, or when problems or conflicts could arise.

🕴 Business Reading

Taking the time for the birth of your business I draw up a chart which can show you the various cycles affecting it. This chart can show how to handle employees, relate to the public, when to expand, when not to, and other factors that can enhance the success of your business.

🎴 Tarot Reading

This service can be used to answer any and all questions you may have. Tarot cards are for me a way of accessing my intuition to help you solve problems and see more clearly the forces at work in your life. I also do past life readings using the Tarot. I have found that through accessing past lives I can help you to understand the hidden energies underlying and affecting the problems and challenges you are currently having. Oftentimes when a person is made more aware of these past life energies, new insights are provided into current difficulties.

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