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  • It’s best to not ask questions whose answer would be yes or no, for the oracle works best when you are looking for information that will help you understand your question better, or are seeking guidance about what to do.

    The Angel whose name is given under the Omega Symbol is the Divine Being who rules this degree. In the mystical tradition of Kabbalah there are 72 of these angels. Their name are derived from the Bible. If you meditate on this name it will help you get in touch with the energy of the degree.

    The Chandra symbol signifies the outer appearance and most direct expression of your answer. They energetically correspond to the Descendant, the relationship qualities of the degrees (i.e., relating to the outside world).

    Sometimes you’ll find that the oracle speaks to you immediately and clearly. At other times you may find that you need to meditate on the symbol for awhile so that its picture may be seen clearly by your subconscious mind. Holding a visual image of the symbol in your imagination allows the symbol to speak to you directly, and can give birth to insights which help you see what you are learning from the particular life even you are asking about.

    If you are seeking to know the symbols for the degree of any planet in your chart, you may also type in the question box the sign and then the number of the degree – “libra 16”, for instance – and the Oracle will call up the symbol for that particular degree.

    Here are some good sample questions:

    “How can I make the most of today?”

    “What is the nature of my relationship to Greg or Jennifer?”

    “How can I best solve this problem?”

    “What is this situation teaching me spiritually?”

    “How can I best proceed in this situation?”

    The more sincerely you consult the Oracle the more you will attune to it, and hence the more information you will be able to derive from it. The Oracle is a tool for your own personal growth. May it bring you many blessings!

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