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or79 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 19. The Golden Fleece hanging in a garden.

There it hung, the magic fleece that he’d journeyed so far to obtain and take home with him. Who could say why people wanted such things, why they were so relentlessly compelled to own them? He knew in his heart that the fleece was of another world, and he felt that maybe by possessing it he might somehow form a connection with it through which he could enter that other world. At the same time, though, he knew that such hope was in vain, for that realm was already within him, and to find it he must make an even more perilous journey through the unknown territory of his own being, if he was to ever find the real Fleece of Gold.

But, being weary of searching, and desperate to feel a moment of triumph, he grasped the one in front of him hanging on the tree – the other, illusionary fleece – and shivered as he felt a breeze from the future stir through it as he stole from the garden.

Azoth Oracle

At the tip of Africa a ship is deciding whether to go north or south.

There is an island just off the tip of Africa which is not on any map, and which is visible to only a few, those few being the ones who use Antarctica as a special haven where they go to cleanse and refresh their imagination.

The Alchemists who engage in this special journey to the clinic of Antarctica always stop first at this Island, called Ipenia, where they leave their physical bodies to sleep, and, their astral bodies now ready to embark on other, special ships docked at Ipenia, set out for the Antarctic coast.

It is most exhilarating to feel the fierce winds of Antarctica blowing through one’s astral body, to swim in the cold blue bays, and to journey with no need of food across the white wastes where the only thing that grows is rainbows.

“A most amazing and salubrious excursion,” remarked Irnad. “It’s truly wondrous how a little whiteness washes the world away so that it can come back fresh.”

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