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Books by John Sandbach

Here you can explore the novels, poetry, and astrological works of John Sandbach.

John has written numerous books on astrological topics.

John’s seminal work The Circular Temple was written over a period of many years. It consists of 1,440 pictorial channeled symbols. The symbols are expressed in words rather than visual pictures, and divided into 4 groups, each one containing 360 symbols.

In all 4 groups each of the 360 symbols corresponds to one of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Therefore each degree of the zodiac corresponds to four different symbols, one from each group. These four different groups are known as the Omega Symbols, the Pleiadian Symbols, the Chandra Symbols, and the Azoth Symbols.

The Circular Temple has been used by astrologists around the world and hailed as one of the most important esoteric works of astrology.

The Golden Cycle: A Text on the Tarot is a synthesis of astrology, linguistics, numerology, metaphysics and other disciplines. John Sandbach’s approach to the Tarot is spiritual and therapeutic, and he uses the Tarot as a tool to assist the unfoldment of consciousness.

This book was first written as a correspondence course of 26 lessons to teach students the theory and practice of Tarot. It is full of both astrological and metaphysical information and extensively covers the meaning of each of the 78 cards of the Tarot deck.

The significantly updated and improved version of The Golden Cycle (tentative title) is slated to be published in 2022 by a major publisher.

In addition, John has written Astrology, Alchemy, and the Tarot.

John has written 14 books of poetry.

Sandbach’s work is strongly influenced by William Blake, Barbara Guest, Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino, among others.

Though grounded with great love and affection for both the haiku traditions of Japan and the West, John Sandbach’s haiku represent a clear break and, hopefully, a new, influential, and open beginning in English-language haiku composition that welcomes and values all methodologies, aesthetics and topics, seeing infinite possibilities and equality in every path.

John Sandbach’s novels are hallucinatory journeys of unbounded imagination and bizarre delights, drawing from alchemy, ritual, Kabalah, mysteries and secrets, and the works of Alexander Scriabin, William Blake, John Milton, Richard Wagner, Gertrude Stein, Aitchpy Lovecraft, and Urimu, the blue princess of u*imbEljE.

There are four books in the Azoth tetralogy: Azoth, Zahira, A Painter, and A Sculptor. Also in the Azoth universe is The Histories of Aab.

Come with us and lose yourself in the maze for a while.

John has also written three Gothic novels: Black Moon of the YakirAbode, and The Resident.

John’s edited works include two works by poet and playwright Thomas Lovell Beddoes — “Death’s Jest-Book,” a five-act “Gothic orgy” play, and Beddoes’ “Poems and Fragments” — as well as “The Life and Death of Jason” by artist and writer William Morris, Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”, and John Aubrey’s “Brief Lives”.

“The Mysteries of Color” describes the psychological and metaphysical meanings of color as well as methods for applying color therapeutically.

This book explores color as a healing modality. It contains information concerning the astrological rulership of color, the significance of gems and minerals, techniques for employing color therapy, and much information concerning the psychology of color.

John uses “The Mysteries of Color” to teach a course in color therapy at a local massage school in his hometown of Kansas City.

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