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or76 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 16. A man is projecting numbers at someone for the purpose of healing that person.

Numbers moved through his dreams, some fleeting as sparks, others durable as stones. Endless numbers fell like rain, proving that everything was mathematics, even the contents of clouds. The realm of numbers was infinite and dense as nothingness. And still is.

He had always thought numbers cold and impersonal – limiting, hard, and exacting. But then a portal opened and he fell into chaos where numbers were uncertain, and proliferated into lush gardens, glittering in their unpredictability. Here he could wander, and breathe in the atmosphere of numbers, and feel free. And his contentment filled the numbers with joy.

Azoth Oracle

A doctor giving an elixir infused with diamonds to a blind man.

From Vesarius’ “Ultimate Magics”): “. . .the diamond elixir, being one of the most unpredictable medicines to make. For it is born of the intent of the one who concocts it, such intent being the fire which fuels the imagination from which the actual elixir be made. And it matter not if the alchemist’s imagination of diamond be weak or strong as long as it be at least even to the slightest extent pure, for the diamond spirit awakens to and is captured by purity.”

“It is found that although diamond be said to cure blindness, that even in those so resistive to seeing outwardly that their physical eyes be unaffected by it, it yet may awaken much inner seeing, which some believe is enhanced by the lack of outer sight.”


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