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or62 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 2. Tiny meteorites the size of dust falling everywhere.

Great rocks enter the atmosphere and burn up to nearly nothing, are essentialized into grains of dust, like the brief summaries of a long history. These histories are falling gently into your hair as you walk, and when they get close to your ears you think you can vaguely hear old stories being recited in the garden.

Azoth Symbol

In an alpine valley thousands of wildflowers blooming.

In the Valley of Philar every variety of wildflower known in Aab blooms, and not only this, but the season of their blooming is very long, far exceeding their life cycle in other places. An usual feature of this place is that when the blooms are picked they wilt almost immediately, turning into a gray dust.

Irnad says that this is because the flowers here are more deeply tied to the earth than in other places, for the Valley of Philar holds an unusual vitality which it imparts to the plants, a vitality so great that the harmonizing influence it emanates causes the plants to also thrive on the presence of each other. To demonstrate this he dug up a wild clematis and showed me its roots, which were utterly clear and appeared like tendrils of bright quartz.

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