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Gemini 3: An invisible man wandering in the night.

Although he was invisible, when he looked down he could see his footprints forming in the grass as he walked. He wore shoes on his nightly outings, which was not a problem, for anything he put on also became invisible for the time that he wore it. Dawn always brought, gradually, the return of visibility, and a fading of all memories of the night before. Which made him not only invisible in the night, but made his night self invisible to his day self as well.

Azoth Oracle

A visionary lies in a dark room as she waits for signs and messages.

In a locked room in the Temple of Nasheg lies Thirana, a mystic, who continually receives signs and messages, and has for over 300 years. They never bring her anything to eat or drink – when she came to this room she asked not to be disturbed. Every year or so a priest quietly opens the door to look in on her. There a candle still burns, one that has never been replaced, and which has never burned down, the light of its flame shining on her breathing, ageless form.

Irnad tells us that Thirana is most certainly receiving visions, and that they are in fact being shown to those for whom they are meant, but only in dreams, some of which the dreamer remembers, sometimes vividly, sometimes vaguely, while others share the fate of certain precious gems hidden in the earth, which will never see the light of consciousness.

Never will Thirana record her visions, or collect them into a book, for each vision she sees is meant only for one particular individual, who receives them secretly, never knowing from where they came.

“Visions are drawn to her,” said Irnad, “They find their way to her, enter her, and through the focus she imbues them with they find their path to their destination. “It is why I have named her The Lens.”

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