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Gemini 1. A naked man on an ice floe feels no cold

He found himself journeying to Antarctica and realized he had forgotten everything. He was amazed at how little warmth he needed to survive, and how the little warmth he felt seemed to wrap him in a haze of soothing dreams as he floated south. And he realized also that the cold actually protected him, for it insured that his island would not melt before he safely arrived on shores where he might wait with the penguins for the polar winter to pass.

Azoth Oracle

A large diamond found in an area where diamonds are never found.

The Satyar diamond, named after its finder, a young boy of ten, weighs 340 carats and is completely clear and colorless. Since its discovery in the year 768 workers have drained and dug into the swamp where it was found but have never unearthed another diamond there, not even a tiny one.

Irzada, queen of Aab was about to have it cut and faceted by a master gemologist, but Irnad told her the stone bore great power, and to cut it would tremendously weaken it. Because of her great belief in Irnad’s wisdom she desisted, and the diamond today is on display in a case in the Royal Museum in the Palace of Peth in its original, uncut state in which it was found. It is said to exert a powerfully protective influence over the whole of Aab.

When asked where the diamond came from Irnad said, “It fell to earth from one of the rings of Saturn – – a gift from that planet to us. And cutting, which would, of course, increase its physical light would diminish its spiritual light – a principle true in many cases.”


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