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or57 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 27. A greenhouse full of tropical plants set in a snowy landscape.

They made walls of glass and with them a cage for a jungle, brought to the north to plant a seed in the snow to see what dreams might take root. In the snow the jungle could neither wake nor asleep, but lay caught just before a dream which never began. It sensed the presence of vast and unfamiliar colors – white, and that curious color gray which, itself, is a jungle of the north.

It was the insects the jungle missed most. The stillness of their absence made the northern sunlight even whiter.

Azoth Oracle

From despair and sorrow a mind soars into the realm of higher potential.

In remote times when the ancient tragedies of Peth were performed on stage the actors had to speak their lines loudly, to be heard over the weeping and wailing of the audience, who were so grief stricken by these plays that they could not control themselves, and who would fall from their seats, consumed with nearly unendurable mourning, an audience compelled to enter into the most horrible sufferings of the doomed characters they witnessed, caught as they were in their fateful roles like flies in a web.

Today, as times have changed, we attend these tragedies primarily to revel in their great humor, their sublime silliness, and to delight in the strange nonsense that goes on onstage. The actors must still speak their lines with great force, though, so as to be heard over the roaring of laughter which bursts continually from the audience.


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