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or56 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 26: All over the city, words on scraps of paper flowing through the sewers.

The words are rather enjoying being torn apart. They certainly enjoyed coming together also, but this disintegration in darkness is another type of adventure that seems endless in its possibilities. Words from one fragment merging with words of another, millions of bad poems which no one shall ever read coming together, and here and there a few masterpieces which are just as happy without an audience.

Azoth Oracle

A home built for the emperor’s afterlife. 

Different emperors of Aab have had different types of dwellings built for them to live in in their afterlife. The ascetic emperor Thandar had built for him a small cave and a vast landscape of wild forests and mountains to surround it. They placed this place in a small silver box which he held upon his heart in his coffin, for he was wont to be forgetful and misplace objects and wanted to know for certain where his cave would be when he arrived.

The emperor Drinaros had a city fashioned of rainbows, which was kept constantly moist so that it would be bright. This was buried in the ground so that it might be stabilized and the rainbows made through this means enduring.

Farlopius chose to live in the body of a cat of many variegated colors which is still seen to this day, though infrequently, roaming the forests of Jabar and giving most profound advice to those lucky enough to cross its path.

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