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or58 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 28. A man channeling a set of degree symbols.

Doors, portals, and passageways of all sorts were opening, like flowers in a spring garden. He strolled through worlds that passed like clouds, and the worlds echoed each other, creating memories that condensed dewdrops out of the mist — crystalline eyes, looking with surprise on these places that ever renewed themselves in unexpected ways. And amongst these worlds he found many homes which he loved to return to for a moment, but then soon was compelled to leave, for the vacuum of the dark unknown sucked him onward.

Azoth Oracle

A ritual gathering to celebrate the completion of a gigantic labyrinth.

When the great labyrinth of Abath was complete all of the citizens of Abath attended a grand celebration to commemorate it. The genius of Irnad, though, had made the labyrinth so vast and complicated that only a few of the revelers could find their way out. It took days to rescue them, but eventually all the lost were accounted for.

That event occurred nearly 500 years ago, and yet to this day those who visit the labyrinth will occasionally encounter wanderers therein dressed in strange, antique clothing – revelers from that celebration of long ago – who will ask the one encountered if they know of a way out, but who seem not to hear any answers of offers of help, and who wander onward.

“And so,” remarks Irnad, “Ghosts may form themselves prior to a person’s dying. We are continually leaving parts of ourselves everywhere.”

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