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or50 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 20. A man performing a complicated weaving pattern from memory.

Each animal and plant is color coded, and may be woven to face in four different directions. Likewise with the geometries that grow out of his loom. The weaver sees the animals being born in his mind as he weaves them, sees as he weaves them the plants being born they feed on, and the geometries they coexist with in the rug’s jungle/garden, the geometries there to remind the eye of the order at everything’s center.

And sometimes he sees, as well, and feels, in his heart, the many feet that will touch this rug.

Azoth Oracle

By intuition a healer chooses the proper remedy.

Mantissa, Alchemist of Aab, was known for her ability to always select the perfect remedy for any who came to her with illness. When in a hurry she used words, which she called her “instant remedies.” She also loved to use numbers, sometimes ones so large they might take a few minutes to recite. And she might use anything – flowers, gems, the feces of birds, melodies, the tracing of the outlines of countries with the fingers, or maybe just a slap to the face, which she said, had to be delivered in such a way, and from the right angle, and with the proper force, each one tailor made to the particular sufferer. “Anything can heal,” she always said. “But how do you know just the right thing that will do it?” they asked her. “I have spent may years making friends with diseases and darkness,” she answered, “And when you gain their trust they talk to you and tell you all sorts of ways they’d like to die. There is no one right remedy, but for every disorder a whole galaxy of them. It’s all in knowing which galaxy to pick.”

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