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or49 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 19. A bottle of gold dust gathered from many places over many years.

Each grain of gold still holds the aura of the place where it was gathered, and so the gold dust bears the mingled auras of many places, all come together in one small glass vial. We might melt it to make a ring, but the memories of these places held in the gold would still be there – they’re indellible.

Or the melted gold might be beaten into a tissue thin sheet and given to the wind to blow away and to tear apart, turning it once again into dust.

And so, through the gold, places continue to be scattered and merged into other places.

Azoth Oracle

The portrait of a man grows younger and younger.

(From Magartus’ “Lives of Alchemical Artists): “And one Trilopus Sinquitur, painter, could cause his portraits to age backwards, so that the one depicted in them grew younger by the year, year for year, so that a man of seventy would in his portrait appear as a youth of ten in sixty years. In these portraits Sinquitur placed many objects of meaning and value to the person, so that when the subject of them disappeared they became still lives by which one might know the sentiments and interests of the sitter through his objects.

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