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or43 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 13. A fruit that smells terrible but tastes wonderful.

It was the serpent who told her how good it tasted. Could she believe him? She smelled death in the fruit, the stench of rot. But she craved something new-a taste of adventure. and even if the serpent lied to her, she could always spit it out. To break the law didn’t she actually have to eat the fruit? Just a little piece on the tongue-that was legal wasn’t it? There’s a way to find out…

Azoth Oracle

Bright sunlight on white daisies.

(From “Secrets of Flowers” by the alchemist Peroptis):  “It is said that white daisies are the incarnations of stars,  each daisy being a different one.  Many of them are of the stars we know, but others of stars beyond the limits of what the eye may see, some of stars so far away that their light has not yet arrived at our precincts.

“And though these stars continue to shine in the sky they are capable of manifesting as well in another form simultaneously,  the innocence and purity of daisies providing an apt form to receive the light of stars.  It is also said that as stars live to unimaginable ages they choose daisies to live in for a time because they enjoy the briefness of a quick and fleeting death, which extends no more than the length of one summer.


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