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or42 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 12.  In a scared precinct, many prayers tied around rocks and hanging from trees.

The sacred forest of Isar is a portal through which humans and spirits may speak to each other.  Of course, this communicating can be done anywhere and at any time, but in Isar the air of of a crystalline clarity, and contact between worlds is easier,especially for those unpracticed in it.  People have come here for centuries to tie prayers to the rocks and trees, prayers written on pieces of cloth and slips of paper.

It is a characteristic of this place that all prayers, no matter how old seem impervious to the elements, for one may find on the trees and rocks prayers so old that their language is no longer spoken in Aab, but they bear no stains of rain and show no signs of fading whatsoever, being as bright and new as the day they were written.

Once a scholar removed one of these prayers, for he was interested in attempting to translate it.  By the time he had taken it back to his study it was no more than a film of gray dust in his satchel.  Regretting that he had robbed the forest of this prayer he returned to Isar, and found the prayer still hanging from the very limb from which he had removed it.

Azoth Oracle

Idlers going wherever the river takes them.

One day on the Iridar River, which runs through Peth a boat containing seven sleeping people was seen floating down the river.  When the boat was pulled to shore and the men and women were awakened they said they had been having a party, drinking, eating and talking, and having all over indulged somewhat had grown sleepy and spontaneously napped.

When asked where they had come from it was found they were from the very ancient and no longer existent town of Imbrar, many weeks distant to the north of Peth, and had left on their escursion over 2000 years ago.



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