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or44 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 14. A woman making her way to the center of a labyrinth.

The labyrinth is just a pattern on a floor, drawn with lines to indicate the corridors. As she walks them she can see the center, knows that at any moment she might step over the lines, ignore the labyrinth’s patttern and move directly to the labyrinth’s heart.

But she’s enjoying the twists and turns, enjoying the long journey. And besides, she sees up ahead a lodging house where she can spend the night before continuing her adventure.

Azoth Oracle

A sage looking up toward the summit of a mountain.

Timir Azard, ancient sage of Aab was often seen by climbers on mountain peaks, where he sat in the snow or among the desolate rocks, wering no hat, dressed only in his pale blue robes which seemed cut from the fabric of the sky and which the wild mountain winds whipped around him as he gazed far across the land.

I asked him one time why it was that he had never been seen scaling the peaks he frequented.  “It is too laborious for me to climb, ” he answered.  “But I look up there often, and my vision takes me there.  Life is so much easier when you truly look, and can really see.”

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