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or353 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 23. In a museum, paintings are admiring people as they pass by.

(From the book “Secret Windows,” by Rassilas Asilla):  “  .  . .and it is known that all paintings are windows that open up on worlds that, though deemed by some as imaginary, are quite real, and peopled with many denizens, both seen and unseen, who look back through the painting’s window at those who view the painting.  This type of being allows the beings of other realms to satiate their curiosity as to the beings of our world and the strange limitations and restrictions mo9st of us place on our reality.

These beings in the paintings often see those of our world who are ripe for opening, and creating a link to them will then appear in their dreams as a means of attempting to help them to create other windows to other realms, so that they might find access to a greater freedom to move through and explore other universes.”


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