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Pisces 22. All sorts of things trying to distract a man as he engages in a creative endeavor.

The great novelist Salasis Moamar, according to his biographers, was an utterly undistractable writer.  He wrote continually, wrote while having conversations without ever losing either the train of thought of the conversation or his focus on what he was writing.  Continually he jotted words down, during supper, while playing with his children, or even waking to do so in the middle of the night.  Interruptions never phased him, and, in fact, he had no set time to write, for any time might be an occasion for the writing of words.

His books are known for their elaborate plotting, and yet he said he would always begin a work spontaneously with no advance plan.  When asked why he thought it was that he was so incapable of being distracted he said that for some inexplicable reason he felt the words lining up and patiently waiting for him.  He realized that for others words could be elusive and hard to catch, like butterflies or mist, but that for him, ever since he could remember, the words had been waiting — vast numbers of them — and assured that they would find a way out through him, either in his current life or another, future one, were content to rest until the moment of their birth.

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