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or354 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 24. An empty perfume bottle, the scent completely gone.

The perfume know as Khaat was fomulated by the famous perfumer Alarad Razeek in ancient times.  The formula was kept secret, and, when he died his papers were searched for it, but it was never found.

My friend the princess Shanaar owns a crystal bottle which belonged to a queen of the far past, and which is said to have once held this perfume.  She tells me that although most people who sniff the bottle smell nothing, there have been a handful of people, over time, who have caught a distinct scent of something so alluring to their imagination that they cannot forget it, and that from then on the fragrance will appear to their nostrils out of the air in unexpected times and places.

This happened to the perfumer Aleek Dusara, who was haunted by this fragrance for many years, and finally, telling the perfume that he desired to rebirth it, was granted a dream in which the forumla was given to him.

And so it is said that just as people have affinities for certain fragrances, fragrances as well have affinities for certain people.

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