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or351 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 21. In a cold, harsh climate, a woman uses magic to create a lush garden.

The weather was bleak and sunless, rainy and cold, for she lived in the Northern Wastes..  And so she knew that if she was to have a garden it must be she who became a climate for the planets.  She searched within herself for sunlight and rich soil  and gentle moisture, and found it, and bringing it forth she created a world outside herself from the world within her.  It was an act of seeing, perceiving, and she imbued the plants with her seeing and they too began to see beyond the world in which they found themselves, and grew in the power of this.

And from this she learned that weather creates walls, but that walls might be imbued with doors through which what was beyond could be let through.

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