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or350 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 20. A truck stop specializing in Gnostic texts.

These mystical writings appeared on the magazine rack of a truck stop.  They were written in Latin, Greek, and other more foreign and obscure languages.  Some were written in code.  The truckers bought them because they were novel, strange, something out of the ordinary that might relieve the boredom of the endless roads.

They kept them on the seat beside them as they rode the highways, and when they stopped to rest would pick them up and look at the strange words.  There was a feel about these books which they liked.  The words carried no meaning for them, and so the imagination was freed to imbue them with any vision it so desired.  At last there was access to inner worlds — as if these words were pathways into landscapes within.

And each time their eyes reread the words they were different — as if each book was not one book but many books, the words like chameleons that took on and reflected the colors of their surroundings.

The truckers spoke to no one of this.  What could they say?  How explain or describe the indescribable?  The books like this.  The truckers could feel their happiness


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