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or31 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 1. To cleanse them, crystals are placed in a stream.

Hands lay crystals on the bed of a stream. Petrified water they are, stones through which light passes, invisible except for edges and fractures. The water flows around and past them, a soft, continuous abrasion polishing to nothingness what is already smooth, the light trickling through them. Silently the still crystals witness the flow as they gradually disappear.

Azoth Oracle

The lute of Chazal had been passed down through generations and was miraculous in that it never needed tuning, but was always in perfect pitch when Reedaar picked it up to play.  This most famous musician of Aab said that he never meant to play melodies on it, but that the lute possessed him, taking over his long white fingers and causing them to bring forth songs that no one could remember ever having heard.

Reedaar said that when he had first met the lute it had told him it was a repository of forgotten melodies which it had gathered from the air, for all air yet reverberates with all the songs it has ever received.  It called Reedar “the Blank One,” and said it had been looking for him for many ages.

“And why do you give me such a name?”  asked Reedar.  “Because,” answered the lute, “you contain with you the emptiness through which you might allow my voice to sing.”

And so Reedar took up the lute and gave back to Aab through his playing all the lost songs which had been stored in the hidden chambers of memory.

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