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or30 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 30. A crown which causes one to levitate.

At night he would put on the crown and float through the forest. It was an excellent way to avoid fallen logs. The crown’s clear yellow gems sparkled faintly green in the bluish moonlight.

And then one night as he was floating through the forest he realized that he’d forgotten to put on the crown. He supposed that finally the secret kingdom had accepted him as ruler, so that he no longer needed official jewelry.

Azoth Oracle

The disease created great lethargy.  The victims’ dreams were always the same:  they wandered a forest, or desert or labyrinth, but could find no way out.  They always dreamed of twilight, and of pathless seas of trees, or dunes, or corridors which grew wider, or narrower and turned in eery direction, but never ended.

Irnad summoned an angel who gave him a golden ball which unraveled into a thread.  It was the way out.  But how to deliver it to the sufferers?

One night a crow came to him, offering to help, so he gave the crow the end of the thread, and the crow flew away, placing it on the moon which drew the whole of the cord into itself.

On the Moon the cord frayed into millions of strands which rained down on the sufferers  like filaments of golden light, which they grasped and followed.

When asked why the plague had been visited on the sufferers, Irnad said, “To bring out the mazes the people had always been wandering without knowing it, to bring them up into dreams where they could be known.  But they got stuck there.  The gold thread showed the way, but not until the Moon had fermented it.”


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