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Taurus 3. A woman at a crossroads. She buries something and then prays.

The cross roads, where for a moment, two roads are the same, touching there for as long as the roads will live.
A woman is digging at the cross roads.
She buries a candle there, and though we can’t see it the candle continues to burn underground, secretly lighting the way for future travelers.

Azoth Oracle

There was a myth in Aab concerning a garden of love, called Verania.  Some said it was but a fable, but some historians and antiquarians said it was real, and was to be found in the Western Sea.  When Taresh Amuz, a seer famed for his ability to locate far places led sailors on a voyage across the Western Sea he was asked by the captain if he could take them to this garden.  He answered “yes” and steered them for many days toward the south.

“There it is,” he said, pointing to an island on the horizon.  As the sailors approached it they realized it was only a desolate place of dark, jagged rocks surrounded on all sides by high unscalable cliffs.

“This is no garden!” said the captain.

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