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or258 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 18. A satyr chasing young maidens who are laughing and screaming.

In the forests of Jabar their lurk certain playful spirits who in spring are wont to take the form of satyrs.  In spring it is traditional for maidens to visit these forests, where they are chased by these satyrs, and to hide from them and play all manner of games involving capture and delightful revelry.

It is said that maidens who engage in such sport always leave the forests as maidens, but through their adventures become wise in the ways of men and their desires.  It is also noted that only the most fearless of maidens engage in this interplay, for the satyrs are said to be of a ghastly appearance and though fleet of foot appear to be of great antiquity, wearing breeches of colored silk, periwigs and doing what they may to frighten their mock prey, speaking to them many alluring words in their deep voices which emanate a magic that is at once both frightful yet seductive.


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