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or257 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 17. A flame dancing at the top of a man’s head.

The explorer Haldad Razol was famous for mapping caves.  Aab is a place replete with vast underground caverns where many treasures are hidden, and many tombs and temples are secreted.  As many of the locations and entrances to these places have been forgotten over time, Razol felt that his mission in life was to make maps of these estensive underground complexes available to alchemists and other researchers.

He was said to be closely aligned to the spirits of these caves, and I believe such stories are true, for when I went with him on one of his expeditions as soon as we entered the darkness of the cavern a light began to glow and shimmer at the top of his head, making him to seem like a candle.  This flame provided us with perfect illumination as we explored, and at night, when we slept would die away, leaving us to sleep in darkness until we were refreshed and would reappear again as soon as Razol awoke.

Razol said he believed the light at the top of his head was put there by the cave spirits to guide him, and as he has told me many other strange though believable things I trust in the truth of this statement.


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