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or259 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 19. An old abandoned garden, everything under a blanket of ivy.

(From Asad Porath’s “Book of Miracles”)  When Arzela Tikiz died, her wondrous garden was visited by her friend Irnad the Wise, who planted there seeds of ivy which he had imbued with various magical potions.  This ivy grew very fast and covered the whole garden, and then seemed to grow no more.  Its leaves where of a most healthy and glossy appearance, and of a green of vast depth.

For centuries this ivy blanketed the abandoned garden on her vacant estate, until a man named Dircas Imar purchased it and, deciding to bring the garden back, had it all cleared away.

When workers removed the ivy they found the garden underneath in full and profuse bloom, the fruit trees blossoming and the neglected hedges so perfect that it looked as if they had been freshly trimmed.

The only explanation I can make of this is that Irnad’s ivy bore the property of holding back time, and like a most efficacious mulch allowed Arzela’s garden to sleep in eternity until Imar has caused it to be awakened.




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