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or233 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 23. A man repairing damaged inlays of precious stones on the Taj Mahal.

he Taj Mahal serves as one of the primary connecting points between the realms of Earth and Aab. And even though the builder of the Taj Mahal knew not the name of Aab, it was his subconscious desire to connect these realms that inspired him to build this most glorious edifice.

For centuries the same family who created the inlays on the Taj are the ones who pass on to their sons and daughters the skills to keep it in repair. And in repairing these designs not only they are repaired, but the connection to the realm of Aab is also rekindled and kept alive. Of course the Taj is not the only connecting point to Aab, and certainly not the only connecting point on earth which connects to realms other than Aab, these locations of connection being multifarious. And so the streams between realms continue to flow between each other, enlivening all realms with the magic of their waters.

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