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or232 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 22: A mountain of old shoes.

Tura Mountain in the south of Aab is the place where traditionally all the people of Aab take their worn out shoes, which they leave there on rocks, under trees and in any places they might care to do so. Visiting the mountain one is awestruck with the number of shoes one finds there, for it seems that Aab, which is a sparsely populated realm could not have spawned so many denizens, even given the great length of its history.

No one is quite sure of the exact reason for the time honored tradition of shoe burial, but Zingar Reth gives the most plausible and generally accepted explanation. He says that feet signify understanding, and since the soul comes into the physical plane to advance its understanding, it is where it touches the earthly realm, mainly with the feet, that generates this symbology.

The number of potential understandings are endless, and understanding of one sort amplifies all others, hence the urge to bring together understandings so that their multifarious nature may come ever more closely to reflect a wholeness.

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