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or234 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 24. Gold turning back into lead.

In the Museum of Peth there is displayed a ring fashioned of a most rare and peculiar metal. Its ore was mined in the Eluthar region, famous for its opals. It was there, among the densest lode of opal deposits ever discovered that tiny gold nuggets were found also, of a strange, faintly shimmering color which was thought to have been caused by millenia of exposure to the opals.

When the alchemist Kanir Rendar fashioned a ring out of these gold nuggets it was found to attain to a state of pure gold at every New Moon, and by two weeks later during the Full Moon to have turned to pure lead.

For many years it was worn by Princess Zarabar of Dandria, the famous eccentric, who used its magic to delight and surprise her companions, for by every New Moon the ring caused her to appear as a beautiful young girl, and then by the time the Moon had become full she had turned into a wizened old crone.

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