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or227 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 17. Empty rooms with perfect walls and floors.

Five white cubes have sat on the coast line of the Avradan Sea for centuries. Each one is a hollow cube in which exists a room with perfectly smooth walls and floors, and two large doorless doorways on walls opposite each other.

The cubes are in no patterned arrangement but seem randomly scattered along a half mile of shoreline. They are known to be at least 4000 years old, but show no signs of wear, and exhibit no cracking, pitting or marring of any kind on their surface either inside or outside. The walls are approximately nine inches thick and the rooms vary in dimension, the smallest one being about 10 feet square, the largest 15 feet square. They are referred to as The Rooms of Idaro, named after a small city several miles from them. Only one historian has ever claimed knowledge of their maker, but says he had sworn never to reveal it.

It has been noted that certain people throughout history have become obsessed with visiting these rooms and sleeping in them, claiming they receive something from them which is needed in the extreme, but which they cannot define or even describe.

The Alchemist Serapis says he believes they emit some form of therapeutic energy to everyone, but that only certain people are aware enough of what this is to be consciously attracted to it.

All I know is that when I visited them it was a profound pleasure to sit within, on a cloudy day, and observe for hours the gradually shifting shadows as I listened to the surf.

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