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or226 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 16. A scientist using gravity waves to communicate with other universes.

In other worlds they heard his playing with gravity, which came to them as a kind of falling which called out to them like a voice echoing through a dark cave. They received his pattern of waves and quickly understood his code. He wished to speak with them, to know if they really existed. Yes, they replied, we are here, we hear you, and we know you think we are far away, but we say to you, we are here, inside you, one of countless universes that are born every moment out of even the slightest impulse of your imagination, a branch of that infinite tree whose roots and branches are one, and that grows simultaneously in every direction at once, not only the directions of which you can conceive, but infinite others beyond your conception. How may we help you?

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