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or228 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 18. Something waking for a moment in a cocoon.

The race of fairies known as the Isindar have no capacity to reproduce of their own, and even though they enjoy all the delights of sensual experience the women among them are incapable of becoming pregnant.

It was Isopus Pan who discovered the secret of why the Isindar do not die out. There is a cave in the far northern wilderness of Peth where dwells a giant spider who captures humans who are compelled there, sometimes over great distances, according to Pan, by some magic force.

This spider, rather than preying on those humans wraps them in a coocoon and hangs them in its cave where they live in suspension for a number of years, finally emerging from their wrappings with fully developed organs of flight and forgetful of their former histories. It is these beings with their beautifully colored and iridescent wings who we have come to know as the Isindar Fairies.

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