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or223 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 13: An acupuncturist who activates points simply by holding a needle above them.

( From Usar the Variable’s book “Cities of the Iridar.”): It is known of certain acupuncturists of the city of Saalem on the Iridar river that they possess needles of fine crystal in which live the 72,000 solar color beings called “Those of the Rainbow.” And that by simply holding the tip of these needles above certain places on the surface of the body these beings perceive what is needed of them and enter into the body of the one being healed, penetrating it as a exceedingly fine and unseen radiance, which is perceived only by certain seers trained to do so, and that this light moves and shimmers through the sick one as it seeks out shadows, discords and other plagues, thereby returning to the spirit its ascendancy over those fleshly illusions.

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