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or222 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 12. A woman with a collection of rocks shaped like hearts.

Every day she wandered the forests of Aab and searched for heart-shaped rocks. And the rocks knew they were sought, and wanted to be with her, so would call to her without her consciously hearing them, and guide her footsteps to the places where they waited.

And after many years , when her house was filled with heart-shaped rocks of many colors and sizes there came a turning point – a dream in which she heard the forest speaking to her, telling her that the time of giving had come.

And so the next morning she took a few of her rocks with her, and entering the forest asked of it where she must go, and which rock to choose, to find the perfect place for it, so that the heart of the forest might be rekindled and magnified for others who would come there to partake of its magic.

Daily she took more rocks with her into the forest, and each day felt the forest awakening more and more, and the presence of more spirits, who had come to bask in the forest’s newfound life.

In several years her work was complete, her house empty of rocks, the forest filled with new magic.

In later times they called her Anara of the Heart, for like a heart she had received, and given.

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