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or224 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 14. A white marble foot glows pink as it turns into flesh.

Hindar’s famous Sculpture “The Dryad of Menum” was a portrait of Enard Travaal’s love, Deralia, who had died tragically, struck down by a meteor. Every year many come to witness in the Museum of Peth the foot of the statue turning pink on the anniversary of Deralia’s death as it comes to life, often the toes wiggling and stretching before the foot one’s again turns back into marble.

The Historian Renad Fazar has pointed out that in Travaal’s diaries he mentions that in his palace this statue was displayed on a high pedestal, and that frequently Travaal would kiss the foot of it, his love, Fazar supposes, accumulating there and over time imbuing the statue with a faint life.

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