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Planets activating the Moon/Uranus midpoint (? ♅)

Planets activating the Moon/Uranus midpoint (? ♅)

Planets activating the Moon/Uranus midpoint (? ♅) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Sudden changes of feeling, occurring because of the person needing to clear the emotional body. Odd, unusual, strange emotional states and/or unexpected reactions to experiences. The ability to perceive things that others do not perceive. Upsets with one’s security. One finds security through freedom. The emotional need for independence and to be able to pursue one’s own unique goals.

Process: The ability to perceive one’s own independent emotions as being separate from the feelings of others. Freely sharing one’s feelings. Liberation from attachments that are no longer needed.

Sun: The emotional need to be able to pursue one’s goals independently and freely. A strong awareness of unusual or unique occurrences that pass by in everyday life. One is energized by being emotionally open.

Mercury: The need to speak freely about how one is feeling. Experiencing stress in the nervous system due to sudden changes in emotions. The need to experiment when one communicates. A sudden flood of ideas that occurs periodically, and the need to be open to these and attentive to these.

Venus: To love an unbridled expression of feeling. To feel OK and even appreciative concerning sudden or unexpected shifts in emotion. A person engaged in the art of finding unique ways of nurturing others.

Mars: To assert oneself with unexpected emotionality. To act freely based on one’s instincts of the moment. To have exaggerated reactions to experiences.

Jupiter: The welcoming of surprises coming forth from the subconscious. To be approving about any shifts or changes in emotion. Success through maintaining one’s security on an independent basis.

Saturn: To be cautious about expressing sudden feelings which arise. To have difficulty with being emotionally uninhibited. To staunchly maintain one’s independence. To have a negative reaction to an emotional outburst. The spiritual need to let go of control so that one’s subconscious can clean itself out.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to release pent-up energies in their unconscious and to get more deeply in touch with their instincts. Also, you help them to experience life in a newer, freer way. The ability to free others from insecurities.

Neptune: Intuitive insights that come to one surprisingly or unexpectedly. To hold to the ideal of people being able to freely share their feelings with each other.

Pluto: To war with one’s own subconscious, in that one tries to control or repress or ignore it’s contents, but it retaliates by relentlessly pursuing one.

Node: To seek out people who will allow one to express one’s emotions freely. The need to grow in one’s ability to to be uninhibited and spontaneously expressive.

Ascendant: The need to be able to relate to others in an emotionally free manner. One who can relate their caring to others in a free and uninhibited way.

Midheaven: The goal of life is to be creative in the moment, and to be uninhibited in the expression of one’s instincts.

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