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Planets activating the Moon/Saturn midpoint (? ♄)

Planets activating the Moon/Saturn midpoint (? ♄)

Planets activating the Moon/Saturn midpoint (? ♄) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Controlled or repressed feelings. The avoidance of emotions. Emotions that either do not change or which only change slowly. The ability to be dutiful, careful, and attentive. Fear for one’s security. Emotional sensitivity. Awareness of lack of fulfillment in terms of one’s emotional needs. The meeting of basic needs. At best one may eventually come to a realization of the spiritual purpose behind one’s emotional problems.

Process: Connecting with and clearing negative emotions. The development of the ability to protect oneself emotionally when needed. The growth of one’s ability to clearly perceive and deeply experience one’s feelings.

Sun: A control of one’s emotions for the purpose of attaining long-range goals. The capacity for self discipline. Feelings of depression or sadness drain one’s vitality. Knowing the importance of dealing with emotional problems. Egotism manifesting as emotional defensiveness. Organized and practical habits practiced as a means of reaching goals.

Mercury: To communicate with emotional control and/or emotional seriousness. To carefully examine one’s instinctual impulses. The ability to communicate about emotionally sensitive or painful subjects.

Venus: Feeling emotionally vulnerable in relationships. A love of sharing deep emotions. A love of sadness or crying. Difficulty in taking care of the loved one. Having a love who lacks feeling and/or who is emotionally repressed.

Mars: Acting in an emotionally controlled or repressed manner. One’s actions are based on sincere and/or deeply felt emotions. The ability to be diplomatic. Uncertainty of feeling may inhibit one’s actions.

Jupiter: To feel good about dealing with difficult feelings. One’s enthusiasm comes out of sincere and enduring emotions and has staying power. An excessive control of one’s feelings.

Chiron: One’s energy helps others to get more in touch with negative feelings, and to understand them more deeply – which helps to release them. One helps others to take their own feelings more seriously and to see the need they have for nurturing.

Uranus: One associates freedom with emotional control. Sudden feelings of sadness or depression. Wanting to be free of heavy or difficult feelings. Unusual ways of dealing with one’s emotional vulnerability.

Neptune: Negative feelings that are vague and/or undefinable. One is emotionally serious and/or touchy about one’s ideals. One is psychically sensitive to the negative feelings of others and can help others to overcome them through sympathy and intuitive rapport.

Pluto: A relentless urge to get more deeply in touch with one’s feelings, especially the ones most difficult to bear, and to transform them. Taking others emotions seriously helps to transform them. Big changes can evoke feelings of fear.

Node: Feeling emotionally vulnerable in groups. The need to seek out contacts with others that will acknowledge one’s deepest feelings and share their own. Sad, heavy or depressing feelings about the past. The need to let go of negative emotions connected to the past.

Ascendant: One appears to be an emotionally vulnerable, sensitive or serious person. To feel sensitive about one’s appearance. One needs to share emotions slowly and carefully in relationships.

Midheaven: One’s work in the world involves helping others with their emotional problems, and/or with the meeting of basic needs. To be known in the world as an emotionally sensitive person.

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