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Planets activating the Moon/Neptune midpoint (? ♆)

Planets activating the Moon/Neptune midpoint (? ♆)

Planets activating the Moon/Neptune midpoint (? ♆) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Emotional sensitivity. The ability to feel the feelings of others, unfortunately often confusing them with one’s own. To be uncertain as to how one feels, often because many different emotions are mixing together. To be a self-sacrificing nurturer. The receiving of subtle impressions. Strange or undiagnosable health problems caused by taking on negative psychic energy.

Process: Emotional attunement to higher spiritual realities. The clarifying and refining of the emotional body through clearing it of disharmonious feelings such as sadness, anger and fear. The growth of one’s ability to experience deep psychic attunement with other people.

Sun: One feels it is important to take care of other people, often in subtle and potentially profound ways. Emotional confusion and/or the taking on of negative psychic energy from other people can drain one’s vitality, and this often occurs without one recognizing the source of the problem. One is aware of many feelings that are affecting situations in hidden ways. One’s energy is fed and maintained by focusing on exalted emotions of love and joy, and by connecting with spiritual forces.

Mercury: To communicate with a delicacy of feeling, and/or much imagination. Thinking and communicating which carry much subjective subtlety, which means that the person could be easily misunderstood. Communication colored by emotional confusion.

Venus: Exalted feelings of love. A love which is boundless. One who appreciates sensitive, delicate and subtle emotions. In love one deeply takes in the feelings of the other person.

Mars: One becomes aggravated or agitated by discordant psychic energy. One’s sexuality is highly sensitive, imaginative and/or refined. Emotional confusion creates agitation and inner conflict.

Jupiter: To relish the subtleties of emotion. To encourage others to experience the fineness of their feelings. Success through one’s understanding and sympathetic nature.

Saturn: Feeling burdened by the feelings of others. To be oppressed by one’s own psychic sensitivity. The spiritual need to elevate one’s emotions and to transcend negative feelings.

Chiron: One’s energy helps others to perceive the subtleties of their own feelings, and to see how their feelings are being affected by subtle energies and psychic influences. You also help people to feel higher and exalted emotions.

Uranus: One is thrown out of kilter by suddenly taking on disruptive psychic energy from others. A genius for tapping in to others’ feelings. One has unique insights into the deeper and subtler levels of others’ emotions.

Pluto: A feeling of extreme oppression caused by one’s psychic sensitivity. The purpose of this oppression is to induce one to clear and elevate the emotional body so that the opposite extreme is eventually attained: tremendous empowerment rooted in one’s psychic sensitivity.

Node: Connecting with people who appreciate one’s emotional sensitivity. The need to let go of burdening emotions and to elevate and refine the emotional body. The need to clear old patterns of emotional confusion.

Ascendant: Emotional confusion when relating to others. Picking up on the other person’s finer and/or hidden emotions. One comes across as a refined and sensitive individual.

Midheaven: The need to use one’s deepest intuition in pursuing one’s career. To engage in one’s profession with a subtle instinctiveness. Symbolically – a career as a psychic, but no matter what career you adopt, you are, underneath it all, approaching it like a psychic.

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