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Planets activating the Moon/Pluto midpoint (? ♇)

Planets activating the Moon/Pluto midpoint (? ♇)

Planets activating the Moon/Pluto midpoint (? ♇) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Obsessive feelings. Intense, overpowering impulses which arise from the subconscious. The compelling need to come to terms with the past and all those events therein which have created trauma. The relentless desire to break out of old, limiting and restricting emotional patterns into a cosmic emotional reality where one can connect intimately and freely with others.

Process: The intensification of feelings as a means of purging and refining them. Confrontation with one’s emotional stress so that it may be resolved.

Sun: One’s willfulness is imbued with an emotional intensity. The goal and purpose of one’s life is to transform feelings. Egotism used as a means of attempting to cope with feelings of extreme vulnerability.

Mercury: To communicate with amazing emotional power. The ability to emotionally impact others in extreme ways with one’s words. One’s subconscious is bound and determined to intrude into one’s thinking. The thinking may be extremely irrational but inevitably carries powerful messages from the subconscious.

Venus: A love of emotional intensity. A feeling that the lover cannot go too far. A desire to immolate oneself in the fires of love. An appreciation of extreme vulnerability. A love of the power and potency of irrationality.

Mars: To assert oneself with extreme emotional intensity. The tendency to externalize and/or project onto others one’s deepest emotional conflicts. The overpowering urge to externalize one’s feelings.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm that can radically transform how others feel. The ability to find emotional limits and push beyond them, usually ultimately with successful results. To feel confident that one can get in touch with one’s deepest emotions and heal one’s deepest wounds.

Saturn: A fear of intense emotions and a need to release them slowly, carefully, and gradually over time. Horribly deep repressions that probably came about as a means of survival. The tendency to withdraw from overpowering feelings so that they may die down or be assimilated and reconfigured gradually. One’s spiritual path concerns getting in touch and transforming one’s deepest insecurities. In a sense this is everyone’s spiritual path, but this person has come into an incarnation where avoidance of this is no longer possible.

Chiron: One’s energy helps others to get in touch with intense feelings, and to experience emotional transformation. You automatically stir up energies latent in the subconscious of others and which need to be released.

Uranus: Intense emotions manifesting unexpectedly. Inspiration based on allowing the subconscious to completely take over and guide one for a time. A unique ability to intuitive know how to support and enhance the process of emotional transformation.

Neptune: The imagination is fueled by powerful energies arising from the subconscious. Emotional intensity that has a potentially draining effect. One has intuitions as to how to nurture others in ways they profoundly need. Overpowering subconscious energies create confusion and/or disorientation.

Node: A need in this lifetime to overcome a deep and obsessive connection to the past, and to allow oneself to let go of stressful emotions locked up in the unconscious.

Ascendant: One’s personality is powerfully impacted by certain energies from the outside which set up a resonance with energies deep within oneself. One picks up on and take on powerful projections coming from others, and needs to learn how to transform and assimilate these.

Midheaven: A career involving the nurturing of people on a mass scale. At best, a powerful openness to messages coming from the spiritual realms. One’s spiritual path involves being attentive to impulses coming from their subconscious and supporting their process of outworking until all stress and karma is cleared.

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