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Planets activating the Moon/Node midpoint (? ☊)

Planets activating the Moon/Node midpoint (? ☊)

Planets activating the Moon/Node midpoint (? ☊) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Nurturing one’s connections with others. Feeling vulnerable when meeting with others. The need to share feelings with others and to give and receive nurturing. Letting go of old feelings and sources of security which no longer serve one’s evolution and hence are holding one back, and being open to the new experiences which life is offering you.

Process: The clearing of old habit patterns and ways of feeling that are no longer serving one, and the development of new one’s which will support one’s personal growth.

Sun: One is vitalized and finds meaning and purpose in life through sharing one’s feelings with others. One places great importance on one’s emotional connections. One seeks emotional connections with others which serve to support one’s ego and self-esteem.

Mercury: To communicate in such a way that you make a feeling connection with others. To be able to connect with the emotions of others when speaking, writing and communicating in other ways.

Venus: A love of emotionally connecting with others. A love of witnessing emotional progress. One finds it easy to connect on a feeling level with people.

Mars: The need to actively share one’s feelings with others. One’s actions only serve to support and maintain old insecurities. One takes the initiative to form connections with others that will support one’s emotional needs.

Jupiter: An expansive and enthusiastic sharing of one’s feelings with others. Being generous in terms of one’s willingness to nurture others.

Saturn: To have a difficult time allowing oneself to be vulnerable when one connects with people. To feel uncomfortable sharing feelings in groups. It takes time and patience to allow oneself to connect emotionally.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to be aware of the emotional aspects of their connection with others, as well as what they need for their own personal emotional growth.

Uranus: A need to be able to freely connect with others on an emotional level. One has a genius for being able to find a way to connect on a feeling level.

Neptune: To be sensitive about the emotional energy flowing between oneself and others. The deterioration of one’s connections with others, which is happening so that the person will be impelled to look more deeply into what is really going on.

Pluto: One is transformed through allowing oneself to be vulnerable in connecting with others. Sharing feelings in groups can have a huge impact on oneself. A relentless need to let go of old feelings which prevent one from evolving and to allow oneself to grow emotionally, as well as to acknowledge and follow one’s instincts.

Ascendant: One’s identity is strongly influenced by one’s emotional connection with others, so it is necessary to seek out people who will have a healthy and nourishing effect on one’s emotional life.

Midheaven: Emotionally connecting with others is a major facet of one’s career, no matter what one’s actual career is. Channelling spiritual energy into one’s emotional connection with others.

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