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Planets activating the Moon/Ascendant midpoint (☽ ASC)

Planets activating the Moon/Ascendant midpoint (☽ ASC)

Planets activating the Moon/Ascendant midpoint (☽ ASC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Being impressionable to the energies of other people. Difficulty in being objective about oneself. One’s moods strongly affect one’s identity. The need for intimate relationships and for a sense of security when one relates. Often, though, a feeling of insecurity when one interacts with others. The need to stay in the moment when relating.

Process: The ability to become more and more aware of all one’s emotions until one no longer has any repressed feelings, and then eventually to become free of identifying with any of one’s emotions so that one may experience the eternal nature of the self.

Sun: One knows the importance of allowing oneself to be vulnerable and open when relating. Since you’re conscious of the strong effect that others have on you, you need to choose carefully who you open up to.

Mercury: One communicates in a personable and intimate manner, and may have difficulty in being objective in one’s thinking.  One whole way of thinking is colored by subjectivity and a desire to relate one’s feelings to other people. Communicating in general makes a strong impression upon one. There is a desire to speak of feelings about oneself and about relationships.

Venus: One’s personality projects a charming openness and intimacy. A love of emotional sharing with others. One appreciates interaction happening on a feeling level.

Mars: The tendency to do things on the spur of the moment, or when the mood strikes one. The need to act out or share how one is feeling in a relationship.

Jupiter: To freely share one’s feelings of the moment with others. A generous reaching out to anyone one is connecting with on an emotional level.

Saturn: Caution in sharing one’s feelings with others. A fear of being vulnerable in one-on-one contacts and so a tendency to be held back when doing relating.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to be more aware of how they feel about themselves and their relationships, and to allow emotional energy to flow more freely when they relate.

Uranus: an uninhibited, sudden, and/or surprising sharing of feelings with others. A genius for tracking with the emotional flow between oneself and others.

Neptune: To be idealistic and self-sacrificing in nurturing another person. To sense the subtleties of emotion flowing between oneself and another person.

Pluto: One is strongly impacted by emotional sharing in one-on-one relationships. One can get deeply in touch with one’s feelings when interacting with another, though there may be fear of and resistance to doing so.

Midheaven: One’s career involves helping others to realize how their emotions and subconscious form their identity, and how clearing out the emotional body can release unneeded limitations surrounding one’s self-concept. A career having to do with relating to others on a feeling and/or instinctual level.

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