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Planets activating the Venus/Midheaven midpoint (♀ MC)

Planets activating the Venus/Midheaven midpoint (♀ MC)

Planets activating the Venus/Midheaven midpoint (♀ MC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To spread love and beauty to the world, and to help others to appreciate the spiritual aspects of life. A career in the arts. To have a harmonious relationship with one’s employer. To play the role of a loving and soothing parent. Negatively, to be a selfish parent.

Process: To experience love as a guiding force, and to be open to the love which comes from higher forces, angels, and the universe at large.

Sun: To desire attention for one’s value, which could be anything from wanting others to admire one’s appearance to wanting others to appreciate what one does in one’s career. To feel that it is important to play the role of loving parent to other people.

Moon: The emotional need to have a parent figure who values one, or to play the role of a parent who teaches the appreciation of life and values.

Mercury: To communicate in a polished authoritative manner, and/or in a way that causes one to get along with employers. One’s mind is always thinking in terms of the highest values attainable.

Mars: Taking the initiative to spread love and beauty in the world. One asserts oneself based on a respect for the highest values. Working to disseminate that which is of beauty and value to the world.

Jupiter: To be eager to be a channel of God’s love. An enthusiastic appreciation of that which one feels to be of the highest value. To be enthusiastic about giving something of value to the world. To grow in terms of your appreciation of what you have to give to the world.

Saturn: The spiritualization of one’s love nature feels like an arduous and difficult task. To fear making one’s love public. To be uncertain of the worth and value of various authority figures and their opinions.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to experience the most exalted and spiritual aspect of the beauty of everything around them. You also have the ability to help them appreciate the foundation of their life, that is, all that creates security for them, as well as to recognize and be at peace with whatever their heart’s desire is.
Uranus: A unique way of expressing love. A highly individualized appreciation of spiritual values, meaning that one is able to see them from one’s own unique standpoint and point out unsuspected aspects of them.

Neptune: To love authorities in an idealized fashion. To need someone or some thing to worship. An idealistic love nature.

Pluto: An obsessive clinging to values, which can prevent one from growing, or which can enhance growth if one truly pursues them. The ability to transform and be transformed through spiritual love.

Node: To seek out groups and individuals that will help one open up to love and grow in one’s ability to give and receive it. In this lifetime one is learning how to appreciate spirituality more.

Ascendant: A personality full of high-minded love. To play the role of a loving parent.

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