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Planets activating the Venus/Ascendant midpoint (♀ ASC)

Planets activating the Venus/Ascendant midpoint (♀ ASC)

Planets activating the Venus/Ascendant midpoint (♀ ASC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: A person with a loving, easy-going personality. The ability to share with others and to put them at ease. Contentment with oneself – which negatively might express as laziness and selfishness.

Process: Learning to love oneself and to project that love into the world.

Sun: One feels it is important to get along with others, be a peacemaker, and project a loving disposition. Egotism expressing as selfishness.

Moon: The emotional need to have peace and harmony between oneself and others. To nurture others by soothing them and showing them love.

Mercury: To communicate in a smooth, easy-going fashion. To speak artfully and persuasively. Cleverness when it comes to diplomacy.

Mars: To assert oneself in a smooth, non-confrontative manner that takes into account the needs of others. To take the initiative to share with others.

Jupiter: To be generous in the display of affections. An eagerness to put others at ease and to cause them to like you.

Saturn: To be inhibited and/or fearful about expressing one’s love. To feel that one is not attractive or is unapprecited. Having difficulty in letting go of a relationship. To be constant, deep, and profound in the expression of one’s affection.

Chiron: Everything you do is with a loving and beautiful style that puts others at ease and opens them to divine love. Your appreciation of the relationships all around you helps others to experience more deeply the value of everything they contact.

Uranus: To have an unusual or distinctive attractiveness. A genius for putting others at ease or compelling them to be attracted to you. The desire to be free and open in expressing one’s loving personality.

Neptune: To feel that the expression of love is a spiritual obligation. To be uncertain as to whether or not others value and appreciate you. One is able to love others in a subtle, delicate manner, which many people may not be consciously aware of, but will receive the love all the same.

Pluto: To compel other people to admire and/or be attracted to you, and to feel a sense of power coming from that. The driving need to transmute selfish self love into healthy self love.

Node: One is learning in this lifetime how to love the self in a spiritual sense, and then to be able to project that love to others. To seek out connections with individuals or groups who will love and appreciate you.

Midheaven: If one allows spiritual energy into one’s consciousness, it will manifest through the personality as lovingness and an ability to share oneself with other people in an affectionate manner. One is working in this lifetime toward making the outer expression of one’s love mirror as perfectly as possible one’s true inner feeling of love.

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